Dave Miles
Keys Guitar, Vocals

Dave is a native of the Northwest. He has played in many of the bands you may well have heard about over the years. Some of those bands were; AIRBORNE, LEGEND, EXPOSED, CHOKER, TIGHTROPE, SECRETS, WILDHEART, and many more.

Dave is a published songwriter, and has had some of his material get airplay as well. Dave contributes greatly to the breadth of the material the band is capable of playing as a result of his Keyboards, Guitars, Slide Guitar, Steel Guitar, and excellent Vocals. Dave's approach to Ballads especially lends a depth to what this band can do.

Dave has an obvious respect for the original performer's efforts, but adds his own special kind of touches that carry a song like that off. In addition, Dave has a love for both Country and Blues that comes across in Spades when he plays Slide Guitar.

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