Kurt Bevers
Bass, Vocals

Kurt is also a native of the Northwest. He grew up here until his teenage years, then moved to Connecticut for three years. While there he started recording an album for Columbia with a band called 'Woodrose'.

He moved back to the Northwest to graduate high school. He played in many of the local and national acts you may have seen like; GOLDRUSH, ROSEWOOD, STONEYPOINT, AIRFLO, FOOLISH PLEASURE, SECRETS, NOBODY'S BIZNESS, and ROMANCE. He also did a stint as the Bass Player for Capitol recording artist JONI HARMS. Kurt is a published songwriter with airplay.

He also produces recordings for a wide variety of types and styles of music. Kurt engineered the original recordings that started Oregon Public Broadcasting's Digital Recording Program that resulted in 3 award winning CD's to date. In 1998, Kurt was nominated to the Oregon Rock & Roll Hall of Fame for a lifetime achievement award. In 2002, Kurt was tapped by LUCAS ARTS during the production of PHANTOM MENACE to help establish a new Studio Monitoring Standard for Surround Mixing.

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